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The National Alliance for Jobs and Innovation (NAJI) is a nonpartisan organization of concerned businesses and industry experts working together to stop unfair competition from the use of stolen intellectual property (IP), whether it be through piracy, counterfeiting, or trade secret theft. Every year, billions of dollars’ worth of IP-protected information technology (IT) is stolen by firms around the world, but especially in nations with high piracy rates. This theft places the IT industry and law-abiding companies in industries like manufacturing, where IT is a critical component of R&D and production, at a competitive disadvantage. Learn More »

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  • A.C. Krebs Co.
  • T.J. Assemblies
  • Zero Gravity Creations
  • Design Service Corporation
  • Stacy Machine and Tooling, Inc.
  • Zkano
  • Lin Engineering
  • Focal Technology Solutions, Inc.
  • Halpro, Inc.
  • American Spray Technologies
  • Williams Cabinets and Woodworking LLC
  • Erosion Technologies, Inc.
  • 4Cable TV
  • Halo Water Systems
  • Beanbag Station LLC
  • Day Machine Systems
  • Speedway Printing
  • R & W Apparel Inc
  • Duray Plating Co.
  • Trillium Machine
  • Ellwood Group
  • TigerStop
  • Black River Tools
  • LSA America
  • Vigiroda Products, LLC
  • Santa Fe Brewing Company, Inc.
  • Trans-Tech, Inc.
  • Blue Ridge Products LLC
  • Metal Storm, Inc.
  • Perfection Screw & Rivet