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The National Alliance for Jobs and Innovation (NAJI) is a nonpartisan organization of concerned manufacturers, associations, academics and other businesses. We work together to protect the tools and technologies that U.S. companies use to compete, innovate and succeed. NAJI members are committed to ending unfair competition by stopping the theft of data, trade secrets, and other Intellectual Property (IP) Learn More »

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  • Central Connecticut Sales & Manufacturing Inc
  • Alexander Manufacturing
  • SASCO Chemical Group, Inc.
  • Plasmatreat
  • Buffalo Gear
  • Prestige Screen Printing, Inc.
  • Blum & Bergeron, Inc.
  • Crane Carrier Company
  • Day Machine Systems
  • United Skilled
  • Coastal Corrugated
  • Danfoss
  • Machine & Fabrication Industries
  • Martin Foundry
  • Bishop Wisecarver Corporation
  • Alexy Associates
  • Malkem International Corp
  • American Spray Technologies
  • Red Leaf Software LLC
  • Charles Ogg Furniture
  • Polymer Technologies Corp.
  • Halo Water Systems
  • Electronic Machine Parts
  • Abernathy Surveillance
  • Electro-Mechano
  • Maier Fabrication
  • I.D.ology
  • Great Day Inc.
  • Kwik-Kut
  • Kumo Technology