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Report IP Theft

U.S. Department of Commerce: Intellectual Property and the U.S. Economy: 2016 Update

U.S. Commerce Department Releases Updated Report Showing Intellectual Property-Intensive Industries Contribute $6.6 Trillion and 45.5 Million Jobs to U.S. Economy Click image to access the report.

NAJI: 50 State Report Card: Protection of IP Rights Under State Trade Secret Laws

This report card evaluates the effectiveness of laws in 50 states in protecting manufacturers’ trade secrets and the jobs that depend on them. Trade secrets are more important than ever to manufacturers both small and large. Companies rely on trade secrets to innovate, compete, and succeed. However, increasing amounts of trade secret theft by competitors, […]

NAJI: 50 State Report Card: Protection of Intellectual Property Under State Consumer Protection Laws

This Report Card evaluates the effectiveness of laws in 50 states in protecting manufacturers’ intellectual property (IP) and the jobs that depend on trade secrets and other IP. U.S. manufacturers face a growing threat from competitors who steal intellectual property (IP) such as trade secrets, copyrighted material and pirated software, to gain an unfair business […]

2016 NAJI Member Survey Highlights

Importance of Intellectual Property (IP) to U.S. Manufacturers and Businesses Over 90 percent of respondents believe that intellectual property is important to their business. 78 percent of IP-owners cited trade secrets as important, followed by 64 percent for trademarks and 56 percent, 48 percent for 38 percent for design patents copyrights, and utility patents, respectively. […] – “Reasonable Steps” To Protect Trade Secrets: Leading Practices in an Evolving Legal Landscape

The loss of trade secrets – ranging from proprietary formulas to confidential information to production methodologies – can have a devastating impact on a company. When there is misappropriation, in a growing number of jurisdictions a company must prove that it has taken “reasonable steps” to prevent trade secret theft or misuse.

NAJI/NAM – Economic Impact of Global Software Theft on U.S. Manufacturing Competitiveness and Innovation

The theft of intellectual property, information technology and trade secrets by firms in emerging markets is a well-documented problem. This study demonstrates that such theft harms not just the owners of this intellectual property, but also the entire U.S. economy. Far too many manufacturers in emerging markets use these practices as a means to compete […]

The IP Commission Report

American companies are suffering the loss of hundreds of billions of dollars a year due to intellectual property theft by foreign entities. This loss has tremendous implications for the future competitive, strategic, and economic outlook of the United States.

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