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Report IP Theft

2016 NAJI Member Survey Highlights

Importance of Intellectual Property (IP) to U.S. Manufacturers and Businesses

  • Over 90 percent of respondents believe that intellectual property is important to their business.
  • 78 percent of IP-owners cited trade secrets as important, followed by 64 percent for trademarks and 56 percent, 48 percent for 38 percent for design patents copyrights, and utility patents, respectively.

Economic and Business Outlook

  • U.S. economic optimism among respondents was nearly four times higher than world economic optimism.
  • Two-thirds of respondents are expecting positive revenue growth in 2016.
  • Half of respondents are planning on hiring more full-time employees.
  • A majority (80 percent) are planning major new investments with 57 percent planning investments in workforce development, and 55 percent, 49 percent and 47 percent in R&D, marketing, and capital investments, respectively.
Prevalence of IP Theft
  • Half of respondents (50 percent) believe that competitors are currently stealing their IP. Among them, 73 percent believe IP is being stolen by competitors based overseas and 66 percent believe IP is being stolen by competitors based in the U.S.
  • Over 90 percent of respondents are somewhat (38 percent), very (31 percent) or extremely (21 percent) concerned about IP theft.
  • Trade Secret theft was cited as the top challenge in the protection of IP rights.
  • IP theft was among the expected barriers to growth, along with rising health care costs (44 percent), lack of demand (40 percent), and legislative/regulatory pressures (38 percent).

Respondent Profile

  • NAJI members (61 companies) who completed this year’s survey represented a cross-section of U.S. companies. 75 percent of respondents represented manufacturing, 7 percent represented high-tech, and 15 percent represented other industry sectors.
  • A vast majority (93 percent) represented companies with under 500 employees. 20 percent represented companies with under 10 employees, 36 percent with between 10 and 50 employees, 21 percent with between 50 and 100 employees, and 24 percent represented companies with over 100 employees.



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