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Report IP Theft

NAJI/NAM – Economic Impact of Global Software Theft on U.S. Manufacturing Competitiveness and Innovation

The theft of intellectual property, information technology and trade secrets by firms in emerging markets is a well-documented problem. This study demonstrates that such theft harms not just the owners of this intellectual property, but also the entire U.S. economy. Far too many manufacturers in emerging markets use these practices as a means to compete unfairly with law-abiding manufacturers, costing the U.S. economy jobs, industry revenue and GDP.

Study Takeaways

  1.  Piracy cost manufacturers in the U.S. $239.9 billion in revenue from 2002-2012, decreased U.S. GDP by $69.6 billion, and resulted in the loss of over 42K manufacturing jobs
  2. Reducing the global software piracy rate by 2.5 percentage points per year for 4 years would create 27,239 new manufacturing jobs, add $8.7 billion dollars to U.S. GDP, and generate $29.0 billion in revenue for manufacturers.
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