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Integritive: Building your business is their business

Integritive newsletter imageJohn Miles, CEO/Chief of What’s Next at Integritive, a web marketing firm in Asheville, North Carolina, has been instrumental in helping manufacturers and other businesses become more creative in their marketing and business acumen for over a decade.  Along with his “tribe of creative and technical comrades,” the Integritive (interactive + integrity) team helps clients, including BalcrankPower Partners Inc.Promatic Automation, and improve profitability, close the gap on competitors and stay ahead of the market by creating for them an effective and powerful online presence. They even have a funding source that can help them pay for it.

Integritive is a certified pre-administer of the TAAF grant, short for Trade Adjustment Assistant for Firms. “The program funds strategically sound projects to improve a company’s competitive position, such as website design/development, e-commerce implementation and internet marketing,” said Mr. Miles. “It is available to all U.S. manufacturing and service firms that have experience declines in sales and employment due to import competition.”

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce, TAAF is a cost sharing federal assistance program that pays for half the cost of consultants or industry-specific experts for projects that improve a manufacturer’s competitiveness. Integritive can help manufacturers get certified into the program at no cost to the manufacturer, evaluate areas of need and create and implement an adjustment plan.

“Manufacturing firms that have been hurt by cheap imports and import competition don’t always have the money to invest in building a strong website, e-marketing and online sales strategy,” said Mr. Miles. “Utilizing TAAF funds, we can help manufacturers improves competitiveness for half the price.”

To contact Integritive and learn more about the TAAF program at:

120 Coxe Ave. Suite 2A Asheville, North Carolina 28801

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