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Paulson Manufacturing: Manufacturing on the offense

Paulson Manufacturing Corporation, founded in 1947, designs and manufactures innovative eye and face protection equipment to meet the safety needsthen and now 11 of defense, public safety, healthcare, aerospace and other industry clients.

Over the last decade, Paulson has undergone tremendous growth, attributable to their longstanding commitment to quality and customer service and utilization of state of the art technology, equipment and modern methods. “Our productivity and diverse product line have grown rapidly as we continue to improve manufacturing processes and invest in new and more dynamic software and machinery,” said Paulson’s President, Roy Paulson. Investments in automated machines and technologies, including a rapid prototyping machine, Wire EDM, Sinker EDM and high speed graphite machining, have enabled Paulson to bring products to markets faster and more efficiently without compromising quality.

Roy Paulson’s ambitious export strategy has also played a big part in the company’s growth. “When we started to fight against imports and play defense, I knew it was time to go on the offensive and implement a strategic, long-term plan for exporting efficiently and effectively.” And his plan is working. Paulson distributes specialty products to over 100 countries worldwide and has experienced an increase in sales of up to 25% through international exports.

Products are designed and manufactured in California with domestic materials and local labor.


46752 Rainbow Canyon Road Temecula, California

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