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Rissy Plastics, LLC, Home of the Flout®

FLOUT 2Rissy Plastics, located in Torrington, CT, is a small, family owned and operated manufacturing company known for its innovations in waste water management and precast concrete accessories.

“I started helping out my dad at his septic tank plant (Richard Septic Systems, founded in 1946) when I was a young kid,” said Jim Richard, founder and owner of Rissy Plastics.  Jim went on to work at the plant and in the 70s, the product line was expanded to include concrete leaching chambers and the need for a plastics line became more apparent.  “We needed an economical way to make all of the weep hole former plugs and knew that using plastic was the way to go,” Jim said, “so we started Rissy Plastics.”

Today, using CNC machines, injection molds and other technologies and machinery, Rissy manufactures and a wide range of products, including custom pipe fittings, pipe seals, septic filters and their most innovative product, the Flout®.

The Flout® was originally designed for septic disposal fields and, by definition, is a floating vessel that pivots on a flexible pipe connection and is attached to the outlet of a liquid storage tank. When the tank is full the vessel sinks, opening the outlet to the contents of the tank. It is a direct replacement for the common bell siphon, with much simpler installation and more reliable operation.

“The Flout has evolved into a system capable of providing dosing solutions not possible before,” said Paul Richard, Jim’s youngest son and newest addition to the Rissy team. “It’s pretty cool. We are also finding uses for the Flout® in the hydroponic and aquaponic industries and are developing a whole new product line to accommodate.”

For three generations, the Richard family has been committed to manufacturing innovative and quality products. Along the way, they have invented numerous products and generated a tremendous amount of intellectual property (IP). “As a small manufacturer, our innovative products are what set us apart from our competitors,” said Jim. “Protecting our ideas and inventions are of the utmost importance.”

350 Cedar Ln, Torrington, CT 06790

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