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WilliamsRDM: When Others Can’t or Won’t… Williams will!

For over 50 years, WilliamsRDM has been an example of ingenuity and can-do spirit in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas. rdm2Since the company was founded by Della Williams and her husband, Bob, back in 1963, they have proven time and again that you don’t have to be big to do big things.

Skilled in design innovation and high-complexity, short run, precision manufacturing, WilliamsRDM develops and manufactures hundreds of innovative products for companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Halliburton, including test equipment, cables, connectors, intelligent mobile power grid and other high precision mission critical devices and solutions. WilliamsRDM technologies take military aircraft through critical systems testing quicker, ensures that oil exploration down-hole igniters operate flawlessly, and keeps more than a million American families safe from grease fires with StoveTop FireStop®, automatic cooktop fire suppressors.

In 2011, WilliamsRDM received the SBA Tibbetts Award for Development of the Intelligent Energy Control system (IECS), a scalable, mobile power grid. IECS integrates power sources and manages electrical loads for optimal efficiency in the field. IECS is a plug-and-play, portable solution that can accept a range of power sources (generators, solar, wind, or batteries), integrating them intelligently and distributing power economically, reducing fuel consumption. The Tibbetts Award specifically honors small businesses for excellence in technological innovation and economic stimulus.

In 2015, WilliamsRDM received the Gold Level Performance Award from The Boeing Company. Gold Level were awarded to 119 out of a total 21,000 suppliers, attesting to their attention to detail and focus on quality processes.

With 76 employees, you would be hard pressed to find another company their size with the engineering talent and equipment they field under one roof—top-notch design engineers with a passion for innovation, and a shop manned by highly skilled technicians operating 5-axis and Swiss-capable equipment, or wiring up complex panels. “We’re proud of our flawless build to print production as well as the innovative designs we prototype and produce for our clients,” said Ms. Williams. “That’s why, with engineers and production staff working side by side to improve the design and production process, we see our Research, Development, and Manufacturing disciplines as inseparably connected.”

Della Williams serves as the National Alliance for Jobs and Innovation’s State Chairperson for Texas.

200 Greenleaf Street Fort Worth, Texas 76107

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