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Zkano: "Made in USA" & Green Living

Where are your socks made? Are socks even made in the U.S. anymore? Gina Locklear, owner of Zkano, will proudly tell you yes! “From athletic socks and everyday socks, to women’s and men’s fashion socks, each pair of socks is knit with certified organic cotton at our family mill in Fort Payne, Alabama where we are proud to continue our legacy of quality craftsmanship,” says Gina.

Zkano was created in hope of helping her family’s business, Emi-G Knitting, stay alive. Emi-G Knitting was started by Gina’s dad over 20 years ago, and at the time, the company was just one of over 300 sock mills located in the “sock capital of the world” – Fort Payne, AL. In those days, the industry employed over half of the town’s 15,000 residents. But, as was the case with several small textile towns, outsourcing started to creep in and the mills started closing left and right.

Gina, realizing shifting trends towards sustainability, combined her personal passions for organic and green living with her desire to become a meaningful part of the family business and launched zkano. Today, zkano is one of only seven sock manufacturers left in Fort Payne. Gina is “deeply passionate about supporting USA manufacturing, delivering a product that’s both high quality and comfortable.”



1715 Airport Road Fort Payne, Alabama 35968

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