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Report IP Theft

AG Enforcement

More and more Attorneys General are leveraging state laws to protect manufacturers that play by the rules. 

U.S. manufacturers face a growing threat from overseas competitors who steal intellectual property (IP), such as trade secrets and pirated software, to gain an unfair business edge. Recently, state Attorneys General have recognized this serious problem and used their states’ statutes which prohibit unfair or deceptive acts or practices to take action to protect companies operating in their states. Modeled after the U.S. FTC Act, in most states these consumer protection laws provide a sufficiently broad framework to allow their enforcement against companies that use misappropriated or unlicensed software, or otherwise seek an advantage by using stolen IP. The statutes can be enforced by the AGs to seek injunctive relief, restitution for injured parties, and civil penalties.

NAJI can work with you at no cost to evaluate instances of IP theft, guide you in gathering evidence, and bring your case to the attention of your state’s Attorney General. Let’s get started. Click here to report IP Theft or learn more.

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