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The Situation

Today, far too many American manufacturers are victims of IP theft. Sometimes, their own IP is stolen by their overseas competitor. Sometimes, their overseas competitor steals someone else’s IP, like a software company’s products, to unfairly compete. And often, American manufacturers are harmed in both ways by competitors seeking every advantage, however unfair. These are serious problems that hurt our bottom lines and kill American jobs.

But what many manufacturers don’t know is that recently, state Attorneys General have recognized this serious problem. They are using their states’ consumer protection statues to take action against overseas companies and protect manufacturers operating in their states. In most states, laws prohibiting unfair business practices give an AG the power to ask state courts to stop the shipment of products made using stolen IP into their state. This is a sledge-hammer against thieving overseas manufacturers which need to sell to the hugely profitable USA market.

How NAJI Can Help

NAJI can work with you at no cost to evaluate instances of IP theft, guide you in gathering evidence, and bring your case to the attention of your state’s Attorney General. Let’s get started.

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