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NAJI: 50 State Report Card: Protection of Intellectual Property Under State Consumer Protection Laws

This Report Card evaluates the effectiveness of laws in 50 states in protecting manufacturers’ intellectual property (IP) and the jobs that depend on trade secrets and other IP.


U.S. manufacturers face a growing threat from competitors who steal intellectual property (IP) such as trade secrets, copyrighted material and pirated software, to gain an unfair business edge. State consumer protection laws provide a broad framework for enforcement against companies – including companies based overseas – that use misappropriated or stolen IP to seek an unfair competitive advantage. We evaluated each state statute based on eleven criteria to determine which states have the strongest and which have the weakest laws. Here is how they stacked up:

State Report Card

State Grade   State Grade State Grade
Louisiana    A North Carolina    B- Alaska    D
New Jersey    A Washington    B- Arizona    D
Vermont    A California    C Delaware    D
Connecticut    A- Florida    C Maryland    D
Massachusetts    A- Maine    C Minnesota    D
Montana    A- North Dakota    C Mississippi    D
District of Columbia    B Ohio    C Nebraska    D
Idaho    B Oregon    C Nevada    D
Missouri    B Pennsylvania    C Colorado    D-
New Hampshire    B South Carolina    C Michigan    D-
New Mexico    B Utah    C Indiana    F
Oklahoma    B Wisconsin    C Iowa    F
Rhode Island    B Alabama    C- Kansas    F
Tennessee    B Georgia    C- South Dakota    F
Arkansas    B- Hawaii    C- Virginia    F
Illinois    B- New York    C- West Virginia    F
Kentucky    B- Texas    C-   Wyoming    F

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Note: Report Card builds off of “Consumer Protection in the States”, a study published by Carolyn L. Carter, National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) in February 2009. Use granted by permission of the National Consumer Law Center, May 2016.


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